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June 12 2015

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before getting Married

Anna gets married
Often times we think that marriage is suppose to become perfect and If it's not then it's time for a divorce. We quickly neglect the vows that we made before God. After being married for upwards of eight years, I recall and think, if I had been given a pre-glance of a number of the things that have come up in my marriage, would We have still gotten married. Although these items have actually strengthened my marriage only knew then things i know now I'd personally have better prepared myself.

anna wedding
"I discovered that marriage is a lot more then a ceremony and more than a diamond ring, a white dress, and a big extravagant wedding, Marriage is often a Ministry!"

- Excerpts from "Let Not Man Put Asunder - Marriage is a Ministry" Written by Regina Mincey

Here are 10 things to ask yourself before you get married. If you answer no to your of these questions you might rethink your decision to get married and prepare who you are a little more.

1. When we lose everything there was because of an unwise decision my spouse made, would we still stay married?

2. If my significant other were to get into a negative accident and lose a limb or become disfigured, would we still stay married?

3. If my partner got arrested and sentenced to many years in prison, would we still stay married?

4. Basically found out that my spouse cheated on me, would we still stay married?

5. Only found out that my spouse got us into a large amount of debt without my knowledge and owed several people, would we still stay married?

6. If I found out my spouse contracted AIDs or some other sexually transmitted disease, would we be married?

7. Only found out that my spouse had other kids that we did not previously find out about and we had to financially support them, would we still stay married?

8. If my spouse's kids or parents needed to move in with us, would we still stay married?

9. If my spouse's job or occupation required much of their time, would we always be married?

10. Basically found out my spouse had drinking, gambling, drug or some other addiction problem, would we still be married?

These are some very tough questions but such things as this happen to couples everyday. Although there a large number of positive things that come with getting married these are realities and may happen to anybody. Before you can honestly agree all of these questions, marriage really should not be an option.

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